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Our menu is inspired by street food and comfort food from around the world. Our Chef Norma cooks with fresh ingredients, a lot of spices and a big dash of love.

All dishes, we call them Stray’s ❤️, are tapas sized. You can compose your own StrayDinner. Of course one dish goes better with another, but actually…

there are no rules, if you like it, eat it!

If you pick one Stray it’s a snack, two a light lunch, three a big lunch or light meal, four a complete dinner.

And five…well then you probably have difficulties making choices. But at least hunger won’t be one of your issues.

So, if you are with two you going to enjoy ten completely different flavours from around the globe!


Argentinian Fainá

Flatbread made from chickpea flour with Lebanese hummus with za’atar and sweet paprika and/or Italian pesto with basil, pine nuts and hippy dust.

Spanish Pan de masa

From local bakery ‘Tahona de Chana’ with Dutch kruidenboter (herby garlic-butter or Marocan Muhamarra dip (roasted pepper and walnuts).

Mexican Tlayuda

Crunchy tortilla, refried black beans, avocado and chili oil. With additional (vegan) cheese.

Taiwanese Cong you Bing

Flaky pancake-like flatbread with spring-union and soy-dip


Greek Orzo 

Rice shaped pasta with lemon and herbs or with cinnamon and ground beef.

Lebanese Mujadara 

Lentil, rice and caramelised unions with minty yoghurt and/or hummus.

Italian Gnocchi di patate

Fried floured potato balls with basil pesto with parmesan cheese or vegan cheese.

Korean Tteokbokki 

Stir fried sticky rice cakes in spicy Guchujang sauce with mozzarella (vegan) cheese and/or boiled egg.  

Afghan Ashak 

Dumplings stuffed with leek and coriander, tomato sauce and (vegan) yoghurt.


Kenyan Sukuma 

Sautéed Seasoned Greens with red palm oil

Sicilian Caponata 

Eggplant with pine-nuts and raisins.

Ghanaian Kelewele  

Spicy plantain with peanuts

Indonesian Gado Gado 

Green beens and sprouts with boiled egg and peanut sauce.

Japanese Sunomono 

Cucumber salad with edamame and toasted sesame-seeds.

Egyptian Foul Mudammas

Fava beans with green chili, garlic, cumin and lemon juice.

French Bourguignon

Mushroom stew with red wine, chestnuts and carrots.


Persian Ghormeh Sabzi 

Lamb and herbs stew; stuffed with parsley, coriander, fenugreek and spinach.

Kenian Kuku Paku 

Boneless chicken curry with coconut milk. In additional boiled egg.

Javanese Semur Daging

Sweet braised beef with soy sauce with warming spices; nutmeg, cloves, star anise and cinnamon.

American Cheeseburger 

With Bourbon, brown sugar and crispy bacon.

Pla Krapong Neung Manao
Thai Steamed Fish with Lime Sauce

Jamaican Shrimp 

With mild spices like turmeric, coriander and cumin.  Red and green bell peppers and coconut milk.


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Lorenzo and I both love food & travel! I have been a restaurateur and chef for 14 years, and Lorenzo is a digital nomad. We traveled from Greece, to Kenya, and from Thailand to Cuba. Food is the language we speak, it connects without words, it binds without knowledge.

After a quick stop in 2020 in our homeland Holland (don’t get us started about that) we sold our restaurant, once again, and left with our two bags of clothes and our new travel companion.

Mary, the inspiration for Stray. She was found on the streets of Romania and brought to us in November 2020. From that moment on she traveled with us from Airbnb to Airbnb to eventually settle in…? Yes, that’s the question!

But were her basket is -and good food- there she is at home.

Just like us. We can’t imagine that you love our food as much as we love her. But we are sure going to give it a go!

Stray | With love from Lorenzo, Norma and Mary


Minor detail for visiting & having a bite with us, at the moment we are still strolling – in the hoods of Barcelona – and looking for a place to stay and STRAY. Direction Malaga, maybe Benalmádena, Torremolinos or Marbella, for sure somewhere cosy and coasty.

If you know the perfect place for us to set up our foodcamp,
don’t hesitate to text us!

Stray + 31 6 23 865 812

Until we settle down, follow our journey on